Japan 2019: Spring Break – Day 1

This is the first in a series of posts on my trip with the family to Japan in the Spring of 2019. We spent 10 days in March staying with mother-in-law near Fujisawa. The first pictures are from the travel from Chicago.

The flight is delayed for boarding almost an hour and it takes 12:30 hours to get to Narita Airport:

Hallway in terminal 3 at O’hare

Hallway to the gates in O’hare’s terminal 3

Gate K9 at ORD

At the gate in O’Hare Airport


Once we get to Narita, we pick-up a rented WiFi Hotspot with unlimited data from a service that delivers the device to the airport. This thing can get up to 675mbps speeds.

We then have to travel another 2:30 hours (125km) by train and bus to reach the place where we will stay.

Map from Narita to Yoda

Route from Narita to Yoda by public transport.

Normally we take a bus, but because of the delay we take the Narita Express for the first leg to Shinjuku and then switch to a local line to get to a station near the apartment and then a final bus ride.

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