Japan 2019: Spring Break – Day 5 – 7

We take a little side trip to the town of Ito. We are staying at a Ryokan (Traditional) Onsen. Onsen hotels feature hot baths and your stay comes with a very elaborate and delicious dinner and breakfast. Here we relax in the hot baths and then enjoy the meals. The first two days were overcast and rainy so we stayed in most of the time. On the last day it was finally sunny and we were able to walk around the town of Ito. We were even able to see some Sakura trees beginning to bloom along the river.

Town nestled into the side of the bay

View of Ito town from the train

Statue of Shinto Deity

Spread through out the town center are these small stations featuring
Japanese Buddhist/Shinto deities.

Tall buildings line both sides of the river with trees along the banks.

Sakura trees beginning to bloom by the Ito-Ozawa river

Sun rising over the ocean from the small town of Ito Japan

Sunrise in Ito. Taken from the Onsen hotel.

A two story building with parking underneath

A typical home with parking underneath

A table with an array of very ornate dishes with various seafood

One of the multi-course meals served at the onsen

Street intersection with blue building on the left and the hill raising in the background.

One of the major streets of Ito

A traditional looking Japanese building with a small shop

One of the small shops in Ito

Entry arch to a street in Ito town

Entry to one of the streets in Ito town with many little shops.

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